Minimum deposit casinos in Canada

A minimum deposit casino is basically an online casino that offers players a chance to play casino games and table games with a minimum deposit of $1. This means users can transfer the lowest possible amount and reap the benefits of a full-scope gambling. They can sign up, make the transfer, and start playing without any form of restrictions. This is often a tactic by casinos to get more customer memberships as it has a greater number of customers the better. In this article, we will talk more about how low deposit casinos work and why you should opt for them if needed..

List of the minimum deposit casinos in Canada

100% UP TO C$1600 BONUS + 150 SPINS
  • Good promotions
  • Lots of payment options
  • Reliable casino
100% up to $500 + 20 Free Spins
  • Exceptionally secure and safe
  • Great app and mobile site
  • Several payment options
100% up to $200 + 100 Free Spins
  • Full chat support
  • Many game providers
  • Mobile friendly games
100% up to $300 + 100 Free Spins
  • Very extensive range of slots
  • Nice design
  • Good performance
100% Deposit Bonus up to $1,800
  • Most popular games
  • Good customer support
  • Super mobile design
Welcome Bonus up to 200 CAD + 100 FS
  • Highly rewarding loyalty program
  • Simple sign-up process
  • User friendly interface
Welcome Bonus up to 1500 CAD + 50 FS
  • Highest security measures
  • Easy to set up
Welcome Bonus up to 750 CAD + 225 FS
  • Leading software companies
  • Live chat open 24/7
  • Mobile friendly games
Welcome Bonus up to 1000 CAD + 100 FS
  • Mobile interface
  • Very fast withdrawal
  • Top software providers
100% up to $10 + 10 Free Spins
  • Loyalty program
  • No max withdrawal limit
100% up to $20 + 200 Free Spins
  • Very extensive range of slots
  • Nice design
  • Good performance
Welcome Bonus up to 400 CAD + 20 FS
  • Good mobile interface
  • Live chat for users
  • Variety of withdrawal methods
Welcome Bonus up to 400 CAD + 20 FS
  • Great Rewarding Program
  • Mobile user friendly
  • Live games
Welcome Bonus up to 750 CAD + 150 FS
  • Provides protection of the gamblers personal data
  • Desktopand mobile versions
Welcome Bonus up to 300 CAD + 200 FS
  • User friendly interface
  • Live chat available 24/7
  • Multiple payment options

minimum deposit casinos

What is a Low Deposit Casino?

As mentioned above, a low credit casino is one that has a fairly low deposit amount limit to get started. Users can transfer as low as CAD$1 to get started on a game of their choice. This way they can sign up and start playing any game of their choice. There are no site-wide restrictions either.

In Canada, there are several low deposit casinos that offer anywhere from CAD$1 to CAD$20 as the minimum deposit amount. This is great for beginner players who may want to try out the casino site before going full-fledged.

For example, if you are someone who has only heard about online gambling and never ventured into them, you can start by signing up with one of these minimum deposit online casinos and initial transfer as low as CAD$1. There are typically no restrictions to the actions that you can take on such websites. They are as good as full-scope casino sites with the only positive difference of the lower deposit amount.

Note – Low deposit casinos are great entertainment tools for low wage/income individuals who want to entertain themselves during this coronavirus pandemic while staying at home.

How We Rate the Best Minimum Deposit Casinos?

There are various factors that influence our choice for the best minimum deposit casinos. Some of these include a license, the min deposit amount, guidelines, and offers. They are described in more detail below.

Valid License

There’s no point in signing up on a low minimum deposit casino site if it does not have a valid or proper license. Even expired licenses don’t work. So, choose a site that has a valid license from a reputed organization like the Malta Gaming Authority. This is the most important parameter that we rate casinos on.

Minimum Transfer Amount

Second comes the actual deposit amount. As noted above, different types exist - $1, $5, $10, and $20 – among others. The goal is not to choose the site with the lowest transfer amount but one that has a low amount AND a valid license. Remember, it is better to choose a site with CAD$10 as the minimum stake and which has a credible license than a site with no minimum deposit and a fake license.

Deposit Terms and Conditions

You should also read through the terms and conditions in their entirety so as to not miss any critical pointers. Some shady sites might hide essential information in the fine print of such T&C. While we have read through the terms of all the low deposit casinos that we have listed below, we still recommend you to do the same. At least for the top picks that you choose.

Good Offers

Lastly, look for the bonuses and promotions offered by the low deposit casino. You should look for a payment bonus, weekly/monthly bonuses, sign-up bonus.

Benefits and Disadvantages of Low Deposit Casinos

As you might have already guessed, the pros outweigh the cons of registering on a low deposit casino. Here they are listed.


  • Easy to sign up
  • Requires minimum amount to start playing
  • No hidden terms and conditions
  • All site-wide features are accessible
  • Ability to double payment via bonus feature
  • Can participate in VIP club and other exclusive deals


  • Minimum deposit amount reduces cashback amount
  • Some offers may not be applicable

As you can see, there are clearly more advantages of using a low stake casino than there are cons. If you are a new user, you should definitely consider signing up on any of the below-listed casinos.

Top Minimum Deposit Casinos

low deposit casinos

For your convenience, here we have listed 10 of the top minimum wager casinos in Canada. You don’t have to depend on third-party sites to choose the casino of your choice. Just explore the features and USPs of these 10 low deposit casinos and choose your pick.


One of the top casinos in Canada, Zodiac has a minimum deposit of just $1. In return you get 80 free spins for Mega Moolah slot games. This means for $1 you are getting a total value of $20 as that is what the free spins cost.

Captain Cooks

The minimum transfer amount is $5 but the offers are equally better. When you sign up, you get 100 free spins that can be used in any of the progressive jackpots. It’s like you sign -up, deposit, and go straight into a jackpot. How nice!

Yukon Gold

In Yukon Gold, you get 150 chances for a minimum deposit of $10. We know it’s on the higher side with no actual rewards but 150 chance at a game of your choice is a pretty big deal. We like it and therefore highly recommend it.

Leo Vegas

Here the minimum amount is $10. In return you get up to $1,000 as a welcome bonus along with 200 free spins. However, do note that you need to make an equally higher deposit to get the highest cashback bonus. Or else you will end up with just 100% of your original deposit.


Another lowest minimum deposit casino is Caxino where the amount is just $1. For 100 cents, you get 100 free spins that you can use in any of the games pre-selected by the casino. We find this very appealing because getting a free spin for 1 cent is pretty unbelievable in 2022. Don’t you agree?

Neon Vegas

Neon Vegas has a minimum limit of $10 for which you get a 500% match bonus. Just play the game specified by the casino in the rules and regulations and you can convert your $10 into $50. How convenient, won’t you say?


For a minimum amount of $10, you get 80 free spins. This is similar to Zodiac casino but we prefer that over this due to the variety of game offerings and deals. But feel free to explore the sites of both the casinos and pick what suits you best.


For Canadian dollars 20, you get 200 free spins that you can apply to any of the slot games of your choice. The only condition is that you have to use all 200 in a single game. Tricky, but not if you plan ahead, right?


At Rizk, you have a minimum amount limit of $10. But in return you get up to $500 as bonus and 100 free spins. We feel this is one of the best deals to come out of a low deposit casino in Canada. Because that’s a 5000% bonus right there.


For a $20 minimum, you get 300 free spins. We know this is the highest on this list but 300 free spins is delicious and can really change the game for you as you start up. Sign up today!

Types of Minimum Deposit Casinos

Now that we have gone through the top minimum deposit casinos in Canada, it’s time to understand what the figures actually mean. How is a $1 deposit amount different from $10? Which site offering should you choose and what’s the difference?

Find out about them all in these descriptions. They are pretty straightforward to understand but we have given examples for better understanding.

1$ Deposit Casinos

At just $1 you get full access to a casino site. After signing up, you just need to deposit one Canadian dollar to get started. You can also trigger any available bonuses to get cashback or bonus amount into your casino account. These can then be used to wager against a game.

1$ deposit casinos are best for low wage individuals who do not earn much and still want to try their luck. It’s great for individuals with low-end smartphones and not much money to expend.

5$ Deposit Casinos

Intended for slightly better off individuals, $5 deposit casinos require you to transfer the amount while signing up. After profile verification, you can start using the credited amount and the cashback (if any) to wager against a slot game of your choice. You can also explore live or virtual card games with hosts and hostesses to get a realistic experience of being in a casino.

10$ Deposit Casinos

Intended for salaried individuals and who don’t want to spend a lot of money on gambling, 10$ deposit casinos are slightly premium offerings and are better equipped to help you entertain yourself. This means better games by better software providers, and better bonuses and promotions.

These are also casinos that offer more than 100% cashback and more free spins across slots.

20$ Deposit Casinos

Lastly, 20$ deposit casinos are the best in class in this range. Sites like Sloty fall in this category where you have to transfer in multiples of $20 to trigger the array of bonuses for new players as well as professionals. The experience is truly equivalent to the higher deposit amount, so don’t shy away from this just looking at the amount. Sign up today!

Minimum Deposit Casino Bonuses

As you can guess, minimum deposit casinos usually have two types of bonuses. They are the welcome or sign-up bonus (also categorized as transfer bonus) and free spins. Depending upon the class of low deposit casino you choose, you will get an equivalent bonus.

Here are more details about the two types of bonuses.

Welcome Bonus

When you create a new account with a casino, you automatically trigger the welcome bonus. Most sites will have you make the deposit to be eligible for the welcome bonus. It is nothing but a formality to activate the welcome bonus which will get you a cashback and free spins (optionally). If you don’t get free spins, you can activate another bonus to do so.

Free Spins

Free spins are handed out for specific games in most casinos. The same is true for low deposit casinos as well. Basically, there will be a limit by which you can spend those free spins. Just read the rules and regulations before opting for the free spins.

Best Banking Methods for Low Deposit Casinos

When you are signing up with a low deposit casino, it makes sense to use a banking method with no transaction fees and instant transfer/withdrawal time. Otherwise, there is no point in opting for minimum deposit casinos. You are anyway strapped for money, so your first priority should be to safeguard your hard-earned and won money.

Here’s a quick guide on the different payment options supported in Canada.


This is the most common casino payment system in the world, and most popular in Africa. If you have a Neteller account, it makes sense to use it for deposits and withdrawals. Canadian and US dollars are supported.


The favorite among Americans, PayPal is not supported by many low-cost casinos as there are obvious transaction fees involved. If you are a premium user, you may stick with PayPal. Otherwise, we recommend any other electronic wallet.

The advantage with PayPal is that it supports virtually all currencies in the world.


Skrill is similar to Neteller and has similar transaction time. With it, you can withdraw funds immediately at no extra charge.


Paysafecard focuses more on security and safety than processing time. As a result, we recommend it for use only if you want an extra layer of security. If you already bank with a reputed organization like RBC, you are better off using an e-wallet.


One of the most highly recommended banking options for casinos in Canada. This is because it processes payments instantly with no extra charge. If you are new to gambling, Interac should be your first choice.


ecoPayz is also a good bet if you are an international player. It is similar to Neteller and Skrill and provides an instant credit option.

Visa / Mastercard / Maestro

These debit and credit card offering services typically take about 24 hours for withdrawals in Canada. As a result, they are second priority. Bank transfers, on the other hand, take about 3-5 days.

Withdrawals from Casinos with Low Deposits

As noted above, Interac and other similar e-wallets in Canada are preferred for both deposits and withdrawals. This is because the transactions are fee-less and are done immediately. If you are transacting a few dollars, it makes sense to not lose even a cent to transfer charges. For example, Western Union charges a bomb for remittance regardless of how much money you send.

When it comes to low deposit casinos, you want to safeguard each and every penny. Therefore, we recommend you to go with Interac, Neteller, Skrill, or any other e-wallet.

Minimum Deposit Mobile Casinos in Canada

All the 10 low stake gambling sites that we have featured above can be accessed via smartphones in Canada. You will just need a smartphone, a web browser like Google Chrome or Safari, and an Internet connection.

Just enter the URL of the low deposit casino into the address bar of the browser and you are good to go. Due to their responsive web design, they will adapt to the dimensions of your mobile device. Even tablets and phablets are supported.

You can also look for an Android or iOS app for some of the gambling sites for easier access. However, most of them do not support it at the moment as it’s an overhead that they want to avoid. You may want to check out premium casino sites if a mobile app is essential for you.

Conclusion About Minimum Deposit Casinos

There you have it – a beginner’s guide to minimum deposit casinos in Canada. We feel we have covered A to Z about such sites, starting from the definition to their benefits to banking options suitable for them. If you are a new gambler ready to try your luck but short on funds, these low deposit casinos will be the perfect choice for you.

Don’t hesitate to sign up today!

FAQs low deposit casino

Here are five of the most commonly asked questions about low deposit casinos. Don’t forget to check out the answers in case of a query.

What is the best minimum deposit to play in a casino?

Anything between $1 and $10 is a good minimum deposit amount to play in a casino. Most slots start in that range where you can spin the rings at half a dollar per. Therefore, a payment of $1 will do you good. Moreover, there are cash back bonuses that you can use to further improve your game.

Are there any bonuses in casinos with low deposits?

Yes. Low deposit casinos offer welcome/sign-up bonus and free spins. This is usually a 100% cashback bonus and anywhere between 50 and 500 free spins.

Will I have to pay a commission in a minimum deposit casino?

No. According to our research, there is no commission involved in playing in a minimum deposit casino. You just need to make a transfer and you are good to go.

How to choose a minimum deposit online casino?

You can choose a minimum deposit online slot site by looking at the deposit figure, the banking options supported in Canada, and offers provided. Then check these pointers against the top 10 casinos we have listed above to pick your choice.

What currencies are available for payment at Canadian low deposit casinos?

All low deposit casinos in Canada support the Canadian dollar. In addition, they also support the US dollar, Euro, British pound, and other major currencies in the world.

I was happy to use my 11 years of experience in the online casino industry in this article. All aspects mentioned here have been thoroughly tested and verified. I also write detailed and useful gambling companies reviews so that you can choose something more than just an online casino.
Mark Karsten, Chief editor
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